It doesn’t matter how many times you’ve stood in front of your closet and complained, “I have nothing to wear!” When it comes time to pack up your clothes for a move, you’ll suddenly be overwhelmed by how much you own and how you’re ever going to get it all to your new home! Faveo is here to save the day with five tips for a stress-free packing experience.

1. CLEANSE! A move is the perfect time to go through old clothes and donate or sell anything you haven’t worn in a long time. (Don’t worry. We won’t tell Great Aunt Berta what happened to that scarf she gave you last Christmas.)

2. Separate clothes by season. Use clearly labeled plastic storage containers for off-season clothes… or vacuum seal them to save space! You won’t need them for several months anyway.

3. Keep your hanging clothes on their hangers. Group 8-10 hangers and use a strong rubber band to hold them together. Poke a small hole in the bottom of an extra large trash bag to slide over the clothes. Tie the bag at the bottom, and you’re ready to go!

4. When it comes to folded clothes in drawers, skip the packing process altogether! For drawers filled with lightweight clothing, slide out the drawer and wrap it in plastic wrap. The dresser will be lighter to move once they are removed, and you can simply return the drawers to their place when your dresser arrives at your new home.

5. Instead of stuffing your clothes into boxes, use your luggage to transport any remaining clothes. You have to pack the luggage anyway, so it may as well be put to use! While you’re at it, choose an overnight back to pack the clothes you’ll want for the first few days after the move. You do not want to unpack every bit of clothing to piece together an outfit on your first day in your new place!

Think you’re finally ready to hit the road? Faveo helpmates are ready and waiting to help you load those carefully packed clothes into a truck for your big move, so book your move today!