The rental truck is parked in the driveway, boxes are stacked inside the foyer, and it’s time to get moving! Before everyone starts grabbing furniture and heading for the street, remember Faveo’s SMART way to load a moving truck.

Start with heavy items and appliances.

Mattresses go against the walls.

Always wrap furniture.

Ratchet straps secure stacks of boxes.

Tightly pack remaining items.

Start with heavy items and appliances. Load items like refrigerators, washers, and dryers first. Place them against the back wall of the truck, closest to the cab. Keep weight balanced by positioning heavy items on opposite sides of the truck.

Mattresses go against the walls. Line walls of the truck with mattresses before moving in longer items like tables, headboards, and dressers. Doors and drawers should face the mattress-lined walls to prevent them from opening during the move. It’s also a great idea to tuck wrapped pictures and mirrors between mattresses for extra protection!

Always wrap furniture. Protect wood from scratches and upholstery from holes. Use blankets, sheets, towels, or moving pads to protect wood— especially edges or corners. Wrap couch cushions in plastic to protect the upholstery, and take caution to keep these tucked away from boxes or items with sharp corners that could puncture the fabric.

Ratchet straps secure stacks of boxes. It’s finally time to load some boxes! To guard against crushed valuables, stack the heaviest boxes on bottom and work your way upward with lighter boxes. Secure the stacks with ratchet straps, rope, or cords to keep them in place.

Tightly pack remaining items. Fill in open spaces with remaining odd items like rolled rugs or bags of linens. Remember to keep fragile items on top! The key is to pack the items tightly enough to prevent shifting but not so tightly that items are crushed once the truck is on its way.

With Faveo, you no longer have to entrust your most precious belongings to friends and family with little to no packing experience. Faveo helpmates pack your truck the SMART way, so you can rest assured your things are being handled with care!