Help out your neighbors

Make some extra money.


Faveo’s flat rate of $20 per hour for all Helpmate jobs comes with no hidden charges or fees. With the ability to schedule when you want to work, it allows you to have more predictable income.


Faveos’s flexibility puts you in charge to work whenever it fits your schedule—weekdays or weekends, mornings or night, as little or much as you want. Set your schedule in advance or pick up jobs on demand.


Work with the people in the community for the people in the community. Being a Faveo Helpmate gives you the opportunity to meet and connect with new people and make friends while you support the community.



Start meeting people in your neighborhood and make some extra cash.

  • 1. Can you lift up to 65 lbs. comfortably?


  • 2. Are you, as part of a team, willing to carry large and bulky items such as sofas, desks, and boxes?


  • 3. Do you have a mobile device with a mobile data plan?


  • 4. Are you able to be paid weekly via direct deposit into your checking account?


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  • I am interested in making extra money! How do I get started?

    As a Helpmate, you would go to help your neighbors with their DIY move. Helpmates pride themselves in providing flexible, dependable, outstanding customer service. Getting started is easy! Click here to fill out a simple form that will begin the application process

  • How do you know when I want to work or how much time I have to work on a job?

    Make money on your own schedule. Calendar the times you want to work online or with our Helpmate web app to receive work notifications via text message. Even if you have not setup your availability, you will get notifications as work comes up. You are always free to choose when to provide a helping hand.

  • How will I be helping the customer?

    Helpmates provide labor for the DIY mover. You will pack, unpack, load, and/or unload, depending on the customer’s needs.

  • How much will I make? Can I take tips?

    You will be paid a flat rate of $20 per hour regardless of the job! Faveo is committed to providing an above average, alternate source of income to their Helpmates, who provide outstanding customer service, perpetuating a cycle of goodwill in the community. We want you to do a great job – so if a customer offers you a tip you deserve it and are welcome to accept!

  • When and how am I paid?

    Your work hours are tallied from Tuesday 12:00 a.m. to Monday 11:59 p.m. Your earnings will be deposited directly into your bank account in two to three business days. You also have the ability to track your earnings.

  • You mention I don’t need a car. Do you pick me up or do I find my own way to/from the worksite?

    You don’t need a car because our innovative geolocation technology means you can work close to home. Select what distance you are willing to travel to help your neighbors move. We don’t provide transportation however, if you don’t have a car, you can walk, ride a bike, or take public transit to get to the worksite.

  • Will I work alone or with others?

    Faveo is about community so you should expect to meet and work with others. If the customer needs more than one pair of hands, you will meet a fellow Helpmate. Since you are working locally, you have the ability to meet your neighbors and in many cases, the customer will lend a hand! In addition, Faveo experts are available by phone or chat to answer questions and give advice.

  • How can I increase my chance of getting more work?

    With our unique Helpmate ID system, you can market yourself and increase your chance for additional income! Establish trust, do a great job, and then customers have the option to use you again or refer you to others by using your unique ID.