Seeing their fellow service members constantly moving from state to state at an alarming rate Abel and Xavier realized half their time was spent helping their friends pack and getting ready to move when in reality they should be spending their last few moments together enjoying each other’s company.

Born out of friendship and the need to spend time with loved ones, Faveo took hold of a great new idea that met the needs of our fast paced lives. Abel and Xavier the “founding fathers” of Faveo knew they had a long journey ahead of them but had the spark and the drive to take the stress out of moving.

It’s 2016 and we live in the instant gratification world, Uber gets us rides instantly, Tinder finds your “soul mates” for the night, Amazon offers same day deliveries and now you too can get same day moving. Faveo takes the stress out of planning your move. With Faveo you could literally make that bold move to finally move out of your home town one day and be packed up on the road by nights end.

What Faveo has managed to build is a service that allows normal people like you and I the ability to afford on demand moving help. Not only can I get that help but I could also become a Faveo mover and make myself some extra cash on the side.

The feel that you get at Faveo LLC is that they are in the business of helping the community, our community. Just like other on demand apps have started to do, Faveo builds jobs in our own community and make our own hours while helping others too.

San Diego has been the lucky city to get to see the launch of this small on the move company and reap all of its benefits. The Faveo apps is looking to drop this upcoming month and looking to make a “big move” in the second half of 2016. “Let’s Get Moving!”