We don’t all need to own a truck anymore or of a close friend who has one in order to deal with the stress of moving day. The world is a changing place and we see many people turning to new ways to get a once tedious task done with the help of the community. Long gone are the days when you would have to purchase certain types of equipment only necessary for a one-time job. Now with the sharing economy hitting the mainstream we all can get the things we need with just a touch of a button. Big name companies like Airbnb or smaller start-ups like Takelesson have changed the way consumers get their products. We can now all afford homey style rentals, personalized tutors or an on demand move that caters to our specific needs.

The peer to peer bug hit America hard and is showing no signs of slowing down with the advancement of technology and the entrepreneur attitude our nation has. According to a 2014 nationwide study done by PWC 44% of Americans are familiar with sharing economy transactions and of those Americans, 83% say it makes life more convenient and enjoyable. The fact that our world is turning to a technology-based culture and the comfort that millennials have using technology makes these peer to peer sharing apps shows the way of the future. The freedom of ownership, ease of use has allowed us to spend our hard earned money and freed up time towards accomplishing more in our personal life.

What Faveo has done is allowed consumer that ability to access the tools they need to get their move done instead of needing to own their own. Who wants to spend their whole weekend renting a truck, buying packing supplies and then carefully packaging all their goods. No one does that’s why Faveo will do it all for you all with the push of a button. Let’s stop the awkwardness of asking friends to move and let us start the peer to peer moving. Let’s get moving!